david wehner - Natural Beauty (and Male Grooming)  Services

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David is a highly qualified and experienced Natural Health Educator, Aromatherapist and Beauty Therapist.
David has been featured nationally in the leading glossy magazines, newspapers, radio and television for his unique and perceptive approach to health and beauty issues. Internationally American Vogue magazine listed him as "one of Australia's leading professionals". 

David has taught at many leading Beauty Colleges and established Australasia's very first Natural Beauty and Spa training program at Sydney's Nature Care College - setting a benchmark standard of training for the industry and being actively involved in ASPA (the Australasian Spa Association) as a committee member.

Many leading Natural Therapies and Beauty practitioners are graduates of David's training programs or have been inspired to join the industry from being his clients.

David  is recognised as a pioneer in the area of Natural Beauty treatments in Australia being the first Dr Haushcka Therapist in Australia and is still a staunch advocate of using such natural plant products enhanced by bio-dynamic agricultural methods free from chemical residues. 
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